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International Bag Factory On Indonesia With One Stop Service Solution With The Vendoors.

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We do understand building fashion brand’s is a hard things, but find an international bag factory who can help you to elevating your brand & align with your vision also the objective are another things you need to concern.

Whether you need a partner who can help you with idea, research & development, design, production until quality control (one door service) for your brand’s / company to elevate the quality of your fashion product, we’ll help you to make a masterpiece with our 38+ fashion manufacture hub and 2000+ supply chain source.

With The Vendoors you would feels like you have your own internal team who can help your business operation with the most efficient way on one door.


ODM International Bag Factory

We believe quality is the first key indicator that can scale your business growth and as part of consumer protection in order to get the best quality products. 

As we know every fashion brand owner’s & company want to compete in the competitive fashion market share, particullary on bag’s we do know that quality are matters. 

With an international bag factory who experienced with every kind of bag’s with a huge brand portfolio from small medium enterprise (SME), medium retail brand until high end brand, The Vendoors could help your fashion bag’s brand compete on international market.

The Vendoors had 2000+ supply chain source that could help you with everything & developing anything; from materials we had PVC leathers, faux leathers, genuine leathers, nylon, polyester, biodegradable canvas, and other recycled materials that are certified with OEKO-TEX® 100

International Bag Factory

The Vendoors Are International Bag Factory On Indonesia With Responsibility

As we known Indonesia are the one of the manufacturing country, particullary on fashion, we put quality on the first thing as our priority. Known as the one of the best fashion factory country with best quality product, we always deliver our promise & works through the output of the product.

The Vendoors bring a mission to distrup the manufacture industry which still mostly on conventional way to digital, as we known there’s a lot of manufacture with skilfull & talented person who can make product on international standard quality and elaborated with a technology to make it more perfect.

As the one of the international bag factory, who known also as the fashion hub factory The Vendoors using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) & MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to make everything are accountable & on time.

The Vendoors believe Indonesian manufacture are a strong & reliable supply chain for every brand & company over the world and The Vendoors want to be the part of Country Mission to increase th GDP.

Find the reliable international bag factory & save your time.

International Bag Factory

The range of our bag factory equipment is as follows:


  • Cutting Machines :  Electronic Webbing & Velcro Cutting) (CAM, Laser, Gerber cutting machine, Material Roll, Sharing, Die Press.
  • Lab Testing : Water proof test, Mileage tester, Jerk tester, Case drop tester & Lift tester
  • Sewing Machines (Single & Double Needle, Cylinder Bed, Upper & Lower Lockstitch, Swing Arm, Bar Tack & Computerised)
  • Technology : MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Juki Advance Network System ; JaNets
  • Sewing Machines : Upper & Lower Lockstitch, Swing Arm, Bar Tack & Computerised) (Single & Double Needle, Cylinder Bed
  • Speciality Machines : Lockstitch, Rivet, Eyelet & Frame Building), Air Snap, Hot Wind Dryer, Heat Seal, Electronic  (Electronic Sealing, HF Welding, High Temperature.

How can The Vendoors help you leveraging your fashion brand’s?


We help you with the very first step of your journey to make your visualisation happen.


From designing, sourcing & sampling process.


The crucial part of the outcomes of your ideation & development process to bring the best product output.

Quality Control

We make sure everything that release from the factory are the best from the best, we check & do quality control step on production & finish product.

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