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Garment Factory & Manufacturer in Bali With Ethical & Sustainable Practice to Help You With One Door Service Solution With The Vendoors.

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The Vendoors are an ethical and sustainable garment manufacturing on Indonesia and help many international brands and Bali area that practicing social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and ethical practices throughout the supply chain.

Our approach aims to minimize the negative impacts of garment production on people, animals, and the planet while maximizing positive social and environmental outcomes.

Whether you need a partner who can help you with idea, research & development, design, production until quality control (one door service) for your brand’s / company to elevate the quality of your garment product, we’ll help you to make a masterpiece with our 20+ fashion manufacture hub and 2000+ supply chain source.

With The Vendoors you would feels like you have your own internal team who can help your business operation with the most efficient way on one door.


Ethical and Sustainable Garment Manufacturing

Quality, transparency & leadtime is our main priority indicator that can scale your business growth and give the best product to your consumer. 

As a garment factory & manufacturer in Bali with ethical and sustainable practices, The Vendoors is committed to making an impact and its proven by compliance certification.

We had bluesign system partner, sustainable development goals, and we also use a materials that certified with OEKO-TEX® 100.

The Vendoors had 2000+ supply chain source that could help you with everything & developing anything; from materials we had Nylon, Cotton, Polyester, Linen, Denim also the recycled materials like : Organic cotton, Tencel®, Hemp, Bamboo fabric, Coffee Twill Cotton Fabric and many mores.

Our promise & Action as a Sustainable and Ethical Garment Manufacturing With Responsibility

As working with a lot of level of fashion brand’s from SME (Small medium enterprises), medium retail brand until high end brand, The Vendoors prioritizing fairness, transparency, and social responsibility, fair trade practices aim to create a level playing field for producers, workers, and consumers.

Our Compliance & Certification To Help You Comply Your Brand's Through Ethical And Sustainable Practices

How can The Vendoors help you leveraging your fashion brand’s?


We help you with the very first step of your journey to make your visualisation happen.


From designing, sourcing & sampling process.


The crucial part of the outcomes of your ideation & development process to bring the best product output.

Quality Control

We make sure everything that release from the factory are the best from the best, we check & do quality control step on production & finish product.

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