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Australia International Bag Factory

Australia International Bag Factory

Getting hard to find an international bag factory on Australia area? This information might be help you with!

Australia International Bag FactoryThe Vendoors are the Australia international bag factory from Indonesia who had a fashion manufacture hub for several products to be provided to our client’s & brand’s. The Vendoors had a lot of client’s from Australia who were kickstarter brand, small medium enterprise (SME), until high brand’s.

Why in the world if your fashion brand’s are located on Australia need to find the international bag factory on Indonesia? Here’s some answer that might help you to answering all your question on your mind.

1. Location

Since Australia are really close to Indonesia, and we know how its important to find the nearest factory area based on geographical, it would give you an advantage to visit the factory area to make you sure your brand’s product are handling with care, the workers are really good and everythings are fine. So Indonesia are really close to Australia that’s why some Australia fashion brand’s who looking up for an international bag factory choose Indonesia.

2. Cost Saving’s

We know if you’re an Australian fashion brand’s and seeking for an international bag factory, the one things that shows up on your mind are the price. Since we know every factory might have a different cost making, and the payment terms, this might be something you really need to aware of.

Brand’s are offered the FOB (Free on board) cost from factory, but maybe for the kickstarter brand’s & small medium enterprise brand’s, something that you need to know are there’s a DDP (Duty Delivery Paid) since it’s an export product from one country to another, you might need to pay the duty for importing your bag’s production from the factories on Indonesia. But as we know Indonesia are really close to Australia, the shipment fee are more cheapier than you choose other country, and the duty also more low since Australia & Indonesia had a bilateral relations, this might be an advantage for you.

3. Leadtime

As a fashion brand owner we know how matters leadtime are, every brand owner are planning about their launching, making their campaign, developing their product from a few months ago and many stuff that every fashion brand’s are prepared about to launch their product and selling their items.

As we talk above some of 2 key advantage if you pick The Vendoors as your international bag factory who can surely help you to develop your bags from design, RnD for materials & production. It would cut off time for the leadtime, why?

Basically The Vendoors takes 45-60 days to produce the bags with only 500pcs as their moq with 5 color option, and we know for the shipment are really takes a long time if you using vessel (by sea) and about 7-10 days if you ship by air. So it would be very fascinating thing’s as we want everythings are on target & everything goes well if you pick Indonesia. The Production that would take a little bit time will be very helpful and fast during delivery because the distance is not too far (Australia & Indonesia location).

So as we share 3 key points that would be your advantage as an Australia fashion brand’s who are seeking International bag factory, Indonesia especially The Vendoors would be the realest solution for your brand to make sure you would get the best quality product (since Indonesia known as the best quality fashion factoryalso from the other’s aspect we did know the location, cost & leadtime would be very on track if you choose The Vendoors (Indonesia International Bag Factory).

So if you had any question and want to ask our team for more further discussion we would love to hear more from you and ready to help you with everything.

4. Ethical and Sustainable Bag Factory

The Vendoors are an international bag factory who commit with transparency into our supply chain, including the sourcing of materials and production processes. As an ethical bag factory we commit through our working conditions, wages, and environmental practices and its essential. So for you as a fashion brand’s owner by partnering with transparent factory, your brand could build trust with consumers and demonstrate a commitment to ethical practices throughout the supply chain also.

5. Compliance with Standards and Certifications

We do believe as an international bag factory, especially who exporting to United States of America, Europe, East Asia & Southeast Asia compliance certification are the key important things to conform to international standards. As we also had several compliance of Bluesign system partner, Sustainable development goals and oeko-tex to ensure the materials we use are pass the sustainable and environmental standard.


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