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Reliable International Bag Factory

Reliable International Bag FactoryThe Vendoors are a reliable international bag factory with one door service solution for every fashion brand’s owner over the world. Located on Indonesia, Southeast Asia and known as the best manufacturing country particullary on fashion industry, The Vendoors are a fashion manufacture hub with more than 38+ factory to serve everything on one place (garment, bags, footwear, headwear).


Reliable International Bag Factory
Reliable International Bag Factory

So if we talk about a reliable fashion factory, what the key things that you need to checklist to get a reliable international bag factory?

Starting with the question from the checklist point to find a realiable international bag factory here’s the key things as the brand / company need to check.

1. Experience

So if we talk about the quality, we looking for a reliable factory we started from the experience & expertise. Start questioning the factory that you find & in talk for the project / business, how long they are experiencing to work as a fashion factory? What brand that they already working for? What the specialty and different things that they would serve you from the other factory? If all answered you can validate their experience through walking on their factory to really see how the craftmanship are, how they handle the product they develop on the production line and how things are gone for the feedbacks, how? You can check their google business, you can check the conversation going along on the internet that mentioned the factory and you also can validate their compliance as one of the important administration things that prove their capabilities & experience.

2. Reputation

Reputation is that matters since a long time ago, and we know if we’re looking with an international bag factory we can validating by check their reputation through their past work to googling their feedbacks, asking from our circle is they know this factory and by talking with the team who working on that factory. By the time when we projected to working together with the factory that we already pick we can know how they works and how they will work with us in the future and it would get us experienced and judge their works with the reputation. So if you really looking for an international bag factory you can choose The Vendoors who had a reputation with many international big brand’s and kickstarter brand who get along with us from the very small size until they grown up to be one of the big fashion brand’s.

3. Compliance

Compliance is one of the important things when you looking for an international bag factory, we know there’s still a kickstarter fashion brand’s owner not really aware & know about this kind of things, but by the time when their business grown they would looking for an international bag factory who comply with the standard certification, as we know many big international big brand’s are really carefull to looking who they are work with and this one are matters and be the one of their consideration.

4. Sample Stage

This might be known for some of the big brand’s that they putting their samples to several factories to know which factory are working better with their quality standard, and who working more precision & faster and on time. Sample stage are one of the really crucial process that every fashion brand’s decision are made, which on this stage many brand’s really put their effort & their judgement to the factory that they working on.

So might be for some kickstarter brand’s who had a limited sources, capital & knowledge it would be a lesson to be concern about to choosing the international bag factory to work with, because sample stage could be your judgement day to really consider, is this factory are really worth to work with and could help ease my business more easily. As we talk about this sample stage, The Vendoors who known as the fashion manufacture hub and known as the international bag factory are experienced and would assist you through everything, from the development, design until make your visualization to be reality, you can rely on The Vendoors to help your sampling process are done without single problem.

So as we talk above some of the key factor that you really need to be aware of to finding a reliable international bag factory that some of the hint & variable that could help you on the future to make your brand growth exponentially by finding the right and reliable international bag factory who can help your operation run smoothly and you can focus on growing your brand’s.


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