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International Bag Factory

Internaional Bag Factory – Have any problem to find an international bag factory?

As we know today there’s a lot of bag & handbag brand’s are coming from the ground and they started to compete on the market share, we know the competition are not about who come first and serve the best product to the market, we know there’s a lot of challenge that every brand’s owner had on today’s challenge. There’s a lot of kickstarter brand who ready to take the established brand out of the market with their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and their innovation but the competition are not enough until there. We know on this digital & startup era there’s a lot of brand want to make their organization as lean as they can also agille, when they only need to focus on selling the products and building the brand’s to be known to the larger market!

International Bag Factory
International Bag Factory

The Vendoors are the international bag factory with one door service!

Have you ever heard about The Vendoors? a startup based company who digitize the way fashion factory works and its really help brand’s owner to elevating their business through the efficient operation, how?

1. The Vendoors are one doors fashion manufacture hub for every line products that you need!

As a brand’s owner we know how difficult is to do Research & Development, trial & error also doing an innovative side at the same time, particullary for a kickstarter brand who just start the brand’s and need to penetrate the market smoothly, so The Vendoors can help you take all the operation side from development, sampling, Research & development until production so you dont need to worry while you doing the marketing & selling side, we take care everything to make you still on time to launch the new product’s and elevating your brand to more larger.

2. International standard quality with AQL

As we know every fashion brand had different quality standard with different general instruction also, with The Vendoors we can help you to get make the very best quality product with set AQL level that you had, we also ready to help you to make sure every goods that out from our factory are a masterpiece’s for your brand since we know how important is the quality and we do 3 times quality checking (inline production, on the finishing line & after product finish from production)

3. Experienced workers from the factory

We know experience dont lie when we put a production on the new factory / with a factory who had an experience with various product. At The Vendoors we had so much experienced worker on our labor also experienced staff who experienced with import & export from the esthablished brand until kickstarter brand. We not only your manfuacturing partner for the production process but we’re ready to be your brand’s growth when you need an experienced fashion designer, fashion merchandiser to help you get the best product development.

The Vendoors are located on Indonesia we had 38+ fashion factory who ready to help you to make everything on one door with 2000+ supply chain support to make sure you can get everything on one place at the sametime who dont waste your time to find any other needs to developing your goods from our factory. So if you need anything through your fashion operation The Vendoors ready to help you with everything!


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