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Finding International Bag Factory

Finding International Bag FactoryThe Vendoors are the place for your answer to finding an international bag factory, within 38+ factory hub that The  Vendoors had we ready to help you elevating your brand with the operation side.

Many business / brand owner around the world who had a fashion brand are struggling with their operation side (research & development, innovation, finding the factory and with the production capacity even the quality product) So we know as brand’s owner really need to focus to improving their brand with marketing, branding & selling should not really taking care on operation side who take so much time, so The Vendoors are the answer for the brand owner who really want to elevating their brand’s to win the market share, compete with competitor by getting first in the market with everything and build a demand.

So what The Vendoors really can help you with? And what is The Vendoors essentially?

1. The Vendoors are the fashion manufacture hub 

What fashion manufacture hub are? fashion manufacture hub are a place where you can make every fashion goods on one place with one door services. As known as one of the best international bag factory The Vendoors had an experience with high end, middle & kickstarter brand to developing & producing their goods. Not only the bags The Vendoors also produce headwear, garment, footwear. So essentially we can help you through everything as long as for the fashion goods.

2. The Vendoors are your virtual operation team

What virtual operation team means? If you look at the business game for now, how the speed are really fast, how the trend move really fast, how everyone compete with each other to win the market share it would be the special case for the brand’s owner how to win the game from the marketing & selling itself. So what about your product? did you think you dont need to spending a very very long time to do a research & development, make innovation & production? The answer as long as you choose The Vendoors we would cover everything on your operation side, so you dont need to worry about everything. We would fill your fashion designer position, supply chain, quality control, Research & development until production. We definetly take care everything on operation side so you can focus to improving & scalling your brand’s.

3. The Vendoors would be your business partner

So as we know partnership are the longterm game, The Vendoors really want to play a vital role to leveraging the business side. How? The Vendoors dont want to be a place for the business owners who pass the product to be manufactured / produce, we want to be the part of your growth by serving any new research & development, help to advising the fashion business side with the common trends & penetration through O2O (Online to offline) so you dont need to worry about everything if you choose The Vendoors or you’re in the journey to finding an international bag factory.

So if you are looking for an international bag factory with international quality standard who have an AQL level who experienced with international high end brand’s we could really help you to leveraging your brand through scale & growth, just gives us a line by contacting the information on our site.

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