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International Bag Factory Usa

International Bag Factory Usa
International Bag Factory Usa

The VendoorsInternational bag factory usa with one door service solution for every fashion brand’s size from small medium enterprise (kickstarter brand), medium retail brand’s, high end brand’s. The Vendoors are a fashion manufacture hub based on Indonesia also known as the manufacturer country with best quality product as a guarantee, The Vendoors had several service from garment, footwear, headwear production and international bag factory. As your information The Vendoors helping every fashion brand’s owner & company to elevating their operation side and being the virtual team who always ready to help every brand needs from research & development, material sourcing & development, sampling process, design, quality control until production.

So you might be think about several things that you want to know more about The Vendoors as the fashion manfuacture hub, what the key things that make The Vendoors are different?

1. The Vendoors Works With Technology ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) & MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

So as we know there’s a lot of fashion manufacture on China, Vietnam, Indonesia or might be around the other side of the world, but we know there’s a lot of house base manufacturing who really not using a technology as their scalability to make the work are easier and precision. We know how important technology such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) & MES (Manufacturing Execution System), The Vendoors as the startup fashion manufacture hub are really concern about how the technology can work alongside our workers to make everything are perfect.

Its not just about a captivating things that looks really cool, but we know how the system from end to end on our factory works can really help everyone from our side as manufacture & our clients.

2. Experienced Human Capital Within Export Industry

As known as The Vendoors as the international bag factory on Indonesia who had much client on usa also the other country such as europe, middle east & southeast asia. We know how important is the human resource to elaborate & leveraging our client business through their objective. There’s a lot of different culture, trends, also compliance from every country so as the international bag factory we do really concern about our human capital can help you with everything you needs. We had compliance to be known and help you with your business ethics and goals, also we set certain level with your business stage, so you have not to worries about the competition and winning your market share, because we always got your back with our experience human capital.

3. Brand’s Portfolio 

If you look up for an international bag factory but still not sure about your finding’s, you need to check their credibility and their works through their past of work. How? you can check their site, what kind of brand they working for, you can also check their company profile, but last and not least if you’re not sure from that 2 of things, because something virtual can be designed you can visit their factory to check by yourself their activity, their facility, their credibility & their capability. Everythings really matters to validate before you work with some manufacture for your fashion brand’s, as we know everyone want to working on the longterms and growth together through the cooperation, so checking & validating through the brand’s portfolio are one of the key things.

So after all you know what The Vendoors are, and how we can help & elevating your fashion business from the operation side, we do really in faith that we can help you increase your fashion business to win the competition by making a masterpiece & perfect products.

If you really looking for an international bag factory particullary on Indonesia with an experience and brand’s portfolio from every level ; small medium enterprise, kickstarter brand until high end brand’s, The Vendoors are the answer that you looking for your fashion business brand’s.

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