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ODM International Bag Factory

ODM International Bag Factory

ODM International Bag Factory

Finding an ODM International Bag Factory? Are you a fashion brand owner who recently seeking for an international bag factory to providing the design also?

Here’s several things you need to know before seeking an ODM international bag factory for your bag’s / handbag’s brand!

As a fashion brand owner’s particullary a startup fashion brand owner who recently just started the entreprenurial journey & finding the market fit are the things that every fashion brand’s owner need to solve and find to make sure the brand that you’re building are success and proven to the market. Since we know every kickstarter / startup brand who just had a small amount of team and might be under 10-5 people and mostly the “team” just the founder & co-founder itself.

So with the problem as every fashion brand owner’s need to solve to finding the market fit, the operational side are a hustle that they really need to do. We know it would takes a very long time to take care the operational side ; design, research & development, material sourcing, material development, production until quality control, that’s a complex job every startup brand’s can’t handle especially a team of two (founder & co-founder).

The Vendoors as a fashion manufacture hub who also known as an international bag factory really aware of the things that many fashion brand owner’s faced, and we do have a solution for every bag’s fashion brand owner which is one of them are providing an ODM (Original Design Manufacture) also known as a white label, so every brand’s owner can focus on their marketing, branding & sales side to win the market share and find the product market fit.

Here’s some The Vendoors solution that might help you as a kickstarter & startup brand’s!

1. Ideation

We start from the really first things that was a crucial part of the brand’s journey; ideation. On the ideation side we can visualize your dream which are mostly a rough idea, and everything you had on your mind. We would assist you through the ideation thing’s that might could sharpen your ideas to find the right thing for your brand.

2. Development

Development are the next process that are matters, on this development stage we (The Vendoors) as a bag factory help our clients to doing a research & development, designing, sourcing & sampling process.

3. Production

You know when you’re on the production process, you’re already confirm and approve the sample that you want to develop for the product launching. And production are one of the most crucial things on fashion brand’s, if you choose a wrong factory it would damage your brand and you would loss your customer trust due a bad product quality, leadtime production & launching. The Vendoors providing garment, bag’s, headwear & footwear production.

4. Quality Control

Quality Control are the process that must be done in the fashion production, the process are just not on the end of the product finish production. The process are starting with collaboration with the clients & quality assurance team to make sure everything’s are based on the GI (General Instruction) from the brand’s itself, since every brand have their own general instruction for the production, packaging, approval sample & everything that relateable with the product. So we make sure the quality control are the process that always be done on every stage of the development.

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